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Coating Process
Ϳ Coatings Ϳɷ Compo. ͿӲ Hardness(Hv) Ϳ Thickness um Ħϵ Friction coefficient Ӧ¶ Thermal stability ɫ Color
NAC-TiN Ge TiN 2600 2-5 0.5 600 Gold
NAC-AlTiN D+ AlTiN 3300 2-4 0.4 900 Black
NAC-TiAlN TiAlN 3200 2-5 0.4 800 Purple
NAC-AlTiCrN AlTiCrN 3200 2-4 0.5 800 Grey
NAC-CrN Ge CrN 2000 2-20 0.5 700 Silver
NAC-CrN-Multi CrN 1700 2-8 0.5 600 Silver
NAC-CrN-LowT CrN 2000 1-3 0.4 700 Silver
NAC-TiCN Ge TiCN 3300 2-4 0.25 500 Grey
NAC-Speedarmor Si-Content 3800 2-3 0.35 1000 Black
NAC-AlCrN AlCrN 3300 2-3 0.5 1100 Dark Grey
NAC-Speedexterior Si-Content 4200 2-3 0.4 1100 Cooper

Coating Introduction

TiN Golden color23002800Hv, good for multi-purpose application. Suited for most material machining in relatively middle-low speed/good coolant cutting, punching, plastic injection as well as components. 

TiAlN Good for general application with Hardness 3200HV. Higher hardness and higher temperature resistance compared with TiN. Suited for most standard shank cutting tools and metal mould, i.e mills, drills, gear hobs and metal forming mould. Materials to be machined can be steel, cast rion in middle/high speed. Working temperature up to 800
AlTiCrN, 3200Hv, good adhesion with Cr content, wide application for almost all circumstances by high hardness and temperature resistance up to 800棻suited for big feeding, high loading application, i.e hobs, thick metal forming etc
AlCrNhigh hardness and much higher temperature resistance, up to 1100 for high-speed, without coolant cutting as well as Al, Mg die casting etc
AlTiN D+, wide application for most cutting tools in high speed, with less/without coolant; suited for most metal material cutting, SST, carbon steel, harden mould steel etc
TiCN Ge, ,Super Nitriding coating in high hardness Hv3300 and excellent low friction. Suited in good coolant cutting or relatively speed cutting, like HSS drills, taps, reamers, as well as metal forming mould.
CrN Ge/CrN Multi/CrN LowTsingle/multi layers, silver color. Good application for anti-corrosion purpose, and non-ferrous metal machining, i.e plastic injection mould, electrical packaging mould, cooper cutting etc. It can also be deposited in low temperature for dedicated application 200C
Speedarmor (Si-content) Very high hardness 4200Hv and temperature resistance up to 1000 , Suited for harden steel cutting ((>HRc55) with less/without coolant.
Speedexterior (Si-content) Cooper color, Very high hardness 4200Hv and temperature resistance up to 1100 , Also good for harden steel cutting ((>HRc55) with less/without coolant.
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