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Product Advantage
¡ô Advantages:
¡ñ Advanced PVD systems make sure high quality and stabilities 
¡ñ Advanced multi-arc technology make sure high coating performance
¡ñ Fine-magnetic-control arc source technology to have smooth coating surfaces
¡ñ Arc-enhanced-plasma etching technology to have good adhesion between coating and substrates
¡ñ Fine-flow-control of process gases to have ideal coating micro-structure
¡ñ Large and optimized heating capacity to have uniform heating (esp.for big-size substrates)
¡ñ Proven and advanced auxiliary equipments, includes ultra-sonic cleaning line, polishing, micro-sand blasting as well as quality control devices etc¡­
¡ñ  Quality control includes coating thickness, adhesion, micro-hardness etc¡­

¡ñ Pre/after services to supply technology consulting and help customers to solve any production problems.